The Holmesburg Civic Association is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the quality of life in our community. Our origins go back to Nov 1907 with the incorporation of the Holmesburg Improvement Association, whose stated purpose it was “to bring the citizens of Holmesburg into closer relationship by means of a club organized for social enjoyment as well as for the improvement of Holmesburg, and for its proper sanitation.”  We would be hard pressed, a century later, to improve on the spirit and economy of that declaration.


Executive Board


Barb, Renee, Chris, Tara, Bryan and Joe
  1. Tara Gontek, President
  2. Cheryl Molle, Vice President
  3. Bryan Gontek, Secretary
  4. Barbara Kleschick, Treasurer
  5. Renee Cohen
  6. Chris Lorenzo


About Holmesburg

Pennypack Grist Mill
Pennypack Grist Mill – circa 1830

Holmesburg is located on Pennypack Creek, ten miles up the Delaware River from Center City Philadelphia, about one mile inland from the Delaware. It is among the oldest neighborhoods in Northeast Philadelphia with a history dating back to the late 17th century when a prominent grist mill, its attendant dam and mill race, and the King’s Highway Bridge – the oldest bridge in continuous use on a major highway in the Americas – were collectively built on Pennypack Creek, circa 1697. The shallow fall line of the ancient creek here on the edge of the continental shelf had long been identified as a crossing point by the Lenape (Delaware) Indians on their trail to and from their northern hunting grounds. With tidal access to the Delaware River, the location was quickly recognized by European settlers as an ideal situation for water powered mills and river commerce.

Today, Holmesburg takes pride in the natural beauty of its surroundings and in the diversity of its family oriented urban-village population and in its continued presence as a center of business and civic consciousness in greater Northeast Philadelphia.


Holmesburg History

Special Thanks for the Research History of Holmesburg – Fred Moore



HCA Boundaries: Beginning at Cottman Ave at the Delaware River; then along the north side of Cottman Ave to Frankford Ave; then along the east side of Frankford Ave to Sheffield Ave; then along the north side of Sheffield Ave to Pennypack Creek; then along the winding courses of Pennypack Creek to the Delaware River; then along the west bank of the Delaware River to the beginning at Cottman Ave.



General voting membership requires a $5 annual fee (the membership year runs from Nov-Oct) plus residence within the HCA boundaries. Membership is not required to attend monthly general meetings. All are welcome.   Voting privileges are reserved for active involved members.  To be illegible to vote one must be a paid member in good standing, and have attended four meetings or Civic sponsored events within the last twelve months.

Download the membership application


Business Partners

The businesses of Holmesburg are a valued part of our community and are encouraged to become active members of the Civic Association.  Business membership is $25.00 and has the same voting rights as individual membership.  Businesses that have a representative attend 4 or more meetings in a 12 month period, are eligible to vote on issues before our community.  The representatives do not need to be the same person at every meeting.  They do need to be a paid employee of the business;  some form of proof will need to be established.  Each business that meets this criteria is afforded one ( 1 ) vote regardless of size or number of employees.  A general member cannot also represent a business in voting matters, one vote only.  Some form of identification will need to be established for multiple business attendees.






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