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Membership Applications Due

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Membership in the Holmesburg Civic Association runs from November 1, through October 31. Now is our annual membership drive—we hope you will support us. $5.00 for individual membership and $25.00 for business membership.


In the past year the all volunteer Holmesburg Civic has continued it efforts to maintain and improve the quality of life in our community.

>>>There is still no methadone clinic on Frankford Avenue. This battle is on our doorstep, and we along with the Mayfair civic and our elected officials are fighting it.

>>>Last October we had a major celebration and placed a historical marker at our FF Ave. bridge. Congressman Bob Brady committed to having CONRAIL paint the RR bridge there.
We are working with his office and are extremely happy to report that the Congressman has gotten the District Council 21 Painters and Allied Trades Union to paint the trestle. The Congressman and the Union are finalizing the details with the Bridge Committee, with CONRAIL, (after 12 years of our trying without ANY success) and with SEPTA’S trackless trolly lines.

>>>Our park at this historic bridge saw two major clean-ups by us and the Friends of Pennypack. We have worked closely with the Dept. of parks and Rec., with CLIP, and the 8th Police District, We are proud that over the summer the park was kept family friendly, and cleaner than it has been for some time. We are especially grateful for our partnership with the Bridge committee and Emanuel Resurrection Church; who gave us Storytime with Miss Esther. We continue to work with the City to provide lighting, improve the creek bank, place additional picnic tables, to possibly open the pavilion lavatories on the weekends, and if dreams come true, new playground equipment.

>>>We are the local Recognized Community Organization, (RCO). Any and all zoning variances must first pass through our Civic, and the voting membership. This is one of our strongest tools in maintaining the integrity of our community. We take this issue very seriously and give each and every variance request our complete efforts.

>>> There is still no methadone clinic on State Road. This is under appeal thanks to the efforts of Frank Bennett Esq.

These are some the larger items that are current. We work each day for our communities well being. Some of the things we would like to see happen in the next year are:

>>>Maintain our current individual and business members and increasing both categories by about 15%. Yes we need your $5 and $25.00. We use this money to buy stamps, to decorate our float in the Mayfair Holmesburg Thanksgiving day parade, to give U.S. Silver Eagle coins to civic minded graduating students in our neighborhood, and so many other worthy things in our small village, in this big city .

>>>Begin an HCA Happy hour at one of our local pubs, or maybe switch from pub to pub monthly. This will allow us to meet neighbors, and speak on topics outside the setting of our formal meetings. Or maybe alternate family friendly gatherings, every other month. What are your thoughts?

>>>Continue to bring quality speakers with topics pertinent to our lives. Have a dialogue with you, the member. Which official or citizen would you like to invite to speak at our monthly meetings? What topics are important that you would like to see addressed? What will draw more involvement from the neighborhood? We want to hear from you—

So please print the membership form; fill it out and send in your payment. we are counting on you, so you can count on us.

Our Best, The executive board of the Holmesburg Civic

Richard Frizell
Joe Kruvczuk
Barb Kleschick
Luz Paradoa
Renee Cohen

Download the application: hcamembershipannual-1

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Coding Commandos creates new Website!

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Coding Commandos creates new Website!

In a two day intensive WebSLAM hackathon, the “Coding Commandos” created a new website for the Holmesburg Civic Association.  The commandos were New Foundation Charter High School freshmen Ololade Bello and Nicodemus Madehdou; and junior Samatha.  The  team was lead by NFCHS technology and robotics teacher Brandon .  A Professional mentorship team was lead by the Civic member Chris Lorenzo along with Karen and Tim Tim.

It has taken a bit of time for some fine tuning, but we are ecstatic  with this easily edited great looking new site!!

THANK YOU !! Chris Lorenzo


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Philly 311

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Use this tool to browse and report quality of life issues such as potholes, graffiti, and building violations to the City of Philadelphia.

Alternatively, call 3-1-1 to report issues, or use the Philly 311 Mobile App

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Methadone Clinic

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Methadone Clinic

What I think of the ZBA voting to allow a methadone clinic on State Road. I think this decision was made a long time ago, and it was not made by the Zoning Board.

It is a farce to say that this was ever about land use law. It is about money.

I wish I had the resources to follow the money. Many many millions of tax dollars will be spent to benefit 200 to 300 drug addicts, against the will of thousands of taxpayers. How much money is there; where does it come from and where does it go. NET CEO reportedly makes $1.6 million a year. He seems to be a genuine good man who cares.

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