1. Zoning
  2. Communications
  3. Police Liason
  4. Community Events / Fundraising
  5. Membership




Chair: David Dlugosz

Member: Joe Kruvczuk

The Holmesburg Civic Association is the local RCO -Recognized Community Organization- which all zoning variances must pass through.  The Zoning Committee and then Executive Board, review all variance request and make a recommendation to to general membership to vote on.  Those results are then passed on to the Zoning Board of Adjustment.  We work closely with our neighbors, our business community and investors in our community, to maintain a healthy living/working environment.  It is a primary goal to protect our single family homes from being cut into duplex’s and triplexes which has unfortunately eroded some Philadelphia communities.




Chair: Bryan Gontek

Member: Chris Lorenzo


The communications committee responsible for this web page. The HCA facebook page and email notifications of current events and happenings.



Police Liason

Chair: Tara Gontek



Community Events / Fundraising

Chair: Tara Gontek




Voting membership requires a $5 annual fee (the membership year runs from Nov-Oct) plus residence and/or property ownership within the HCA boundaries. Membership is not required to attend monthly general meetings. All are welcome. HCA Boundaries: Beginning at Cottman Ave at the Delaware River; then along the north side of Cottman Ave to Frankford Ave; then along the east side of Frankford Ave to Sheffield Ave; then along the north side of Sheffield Ave to Pennypack Creek; then along the winding courses of Pennypack Creek to the Delaware River; then along the west bank of the Delaware River to the beginning at Cottman Ave.

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